blugri is an indie game development studio, headquartered in the heart of Europe, Brussels! Since 2012, our mission is to design your favourite mobile games on all platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We create casual games with an innovative touch, with smart and high quality graphics and sound. Furthermore, our games offer a smooth and intuitive gameplay and are available in multiple languages. We are proud to offer unlimited fun!

With over 1 500 000 downloads, players love our games! Previous game titles include Sudoku, Solitaire, Boxes and Jungle Mamba. Check out our Games pages to learn more!

What players say about our games:

  • Game that requires a lot of precision and agility. Very good!!!
  • I want to congratulate the developer of this game.
  • A classic muuuuuito cool.
  • Recommend. Too bellooooooo. The graphics are excellent, and it is a good pastime congratulations x the game P
  • retty darn good! I like it very much myself sudokuista
  • Timeless classic
  • Much better than the old and traditional tetris.
  • Have always loved this game..and still do!

Our Philosophy

We believe that games are a fantastic way to relax, to train your brains, to challenge your friends or simply to have some fun!

Blugri's founder Tom Janssens started his career in mobile development 2004 with Siemens and Symbian, and after so many years, mobile development is still a passion! Blugri's indie game development studio takes care of each and every step of the development process, from creative brainstorm, over design, until execution.

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