FreeCell by blugri: try this highly strategic Solitaire variant!

Nearly every game can be conquered, but try to win as fast as possible and with a minimal number of moves! Warning: very addictive!

FreeCell by blugri has outstanding graphics and a very intuitive game interface. You can move cards by a single tap, there are intelligent hints to help you out, and a full undo is possible.

blugri's FreeCell highlights:

  • High quality design and graphics
  • Subtle sounds
  • Intuitive and efficient game interface
  • Single tap to move cards
  • Detailed statistics to keep track of your performances
  • Intelligent hints to help you out when you're stuck
  • An undo button Autocomplete your almost finished game
  • Standard scoring
  • Interruption friendly, you're game is saved when you get a phone call or cannot finish your game

Good luck!

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