The famous classic card game Solitaire - also known as Klondike or Patience - now offered by blugri!

A superior but genuine version of Solitaire for Windows Phone, absolutely and 100% free.

Experience the fresh, high quality graphics and an intuitive game interface. Cards are moved smoothly by a single tap, and intelligent hints will propose the possible moves when you're stuck.

Play it with Draw 1 for easy to solve games, or with Draw 3 or Vegas scoring if you're up to a challenge.

Play it to relax, or simply because you can't get enough of it!

blugri's Solitaire highlights:

  • High quality design and graphics
  • Subtle sounds nutritive and efficient game interface
  • Single tap to move cards
  • Detailed statistics to keep track of your performances
  • Draw 1 card (easy) or Draw 3 cards (expert) game mode
  • Intelligent hints to help you out when you're stuck
  • An undo button
  • Autocomplete your almost finished game
  • Standard or Vegas scoring
  • Interruption friendly, you're game is saved when you get a phone call or cannot finish your game

Good luck!

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