Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire by blugri: our favorite Solitaire variant!

Combine speed, strategy and patience to solve the games! Have fun playing with our intuitive game interface and fresh, high quality graphics. Cards are moved smoothly by a single tap, and intelligent hints will propose the possible moves when you're stuck.

Play with one suit (easy), or try your luck with two or even four suits!

Play Spider or Spiderette games!

blugri's Spider Solitaire highlights:

  • Difficulty levels: 1 suit (easy), 2 suits (advanced), 4 suits (expert)
  • Game modes: Spider (2 decks) and Spiderette (1 deck)
  • High quality design and graphics
  • Subtle sounds
  • Efficient, fast and intuitive game interface
  • Single tap to move cards
  • Detailed statistics to keep track of your performances
  • Intelligent hints to show potentially useful moves
  • Unlimited undos Interruption friendly, your game is saved when you get a phonecall or cannot finish your game

Good luck!

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