Counting down to Casual Connect Eastern Europe

October 26th, 2014

A quick update from the blugri team! It’s been a few months since our last blog entry and that is because we have been busy with a few projects. But we also took the month September off to enjoy a relaxing and inspiring holiday. We backpacked through Chile and Argentina where we saw magnificent landscapes and lots of wildlife. But I never travel without my notebook, and that is now filled with sketches and new game ideas!

Just before we left on holiday we launched Circuits. When creating Circuits, our intention was to create a fun puzzle game with enough options to create an original and diverse gameplay. The game is based on a classic pipe-mania, but we’ve added an up to date twist to the concept. In order to make the levels more challenging, we included several constraints to the levels: some levels have a time constraint now, others have a constraint in the number of moves and in a number of levels the player should avoid creating short circuits. Finally, we created more than 300 unique levels, by means of our own level editor (thanks to Unity).

Up till now, Circuits has been successful, with about 450 000 downloads and great feedback from players. And even better news: Circuits has been selected to be part of the Indie Prize Showcase in Belgrade. From 10 to 13 November the blugri team will be in Belgrade to show Circuits to the Casual Connect visitors.

We are counting down to Casual Connect now, and working overtime to be ready on the 10th of November. When we will launch… (drumrolls…): a fantastic update of Circuits, featuring 240 new levels with two brand new electrical components! We hope that the new components, a relay and a capacitor, will bring an additional dimension to the game and will make it even more fun. But that is not everything, the game is currently being ported to Android and Windows 8 and will hopefully be ready before Casual Connect!

See you in Belgrade!

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