News from the trenches

October 9th, 2012

It has been two months since my last blog post. I wanted to write a different blog post earlier but I have been very busy on many levels. In the past 2 months I also gained new insights and I laid out the plans for the upcoming months. Let start with the big news :-)

Full time indie game developer

It's true; I decided to become a full time indie game developer (at least for the upcoming 4 months and then I will evaluate). Of course it's very exciting, but also a little scary. The plans for new games and improvements have been laid out, but the real work starts now. Anyway it works out, I'll keep you informed on the progress.


Whatever game I do in the near future, it will be free and ad supported. I do know that many people do not like ads in games, but the same people do often not want to pay for games either. As a full time indie game developer I need to make a living and at this moment ads are the only way to go.

Unfortunately, there are some problems with the current advertisement system. My first priority is to replace the current system with a more stable version to provide a better user experience.

All my games do currently use the Ad Rotator for Windows and Windows Phone. However, the component influences the responsiveness of the user interface very badly when there is a bad network connection.

I will submit an update for all my games at the end of this week or begin next week.

Windows 8

In the last weeks and this week I am also doing a little side step to Windows 8. I am currently in the progress of porting my Sudoku game to Windows 8. It will also be submitted to the marketplace this week, ready for the launch of Windows 8 later this month.


More news will follow later. Thanks for reading this post. You can follow me on twitter or Facebook if you want a more regular update and the chance to see some sneak previews of upcoming games.

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